Paula Fite

Faculty Q&A: Paula Fite

Name: Paula Fite Undergraduate Major: Psychology Why did you become a professor? I love research and working with students Why should someone study your subject? It is fun with a host of different career options and you are addressing real world problems Before graduating, every student should: Visit a different part of the world What […]

Brian Donovan

Faculty Q&A: Brian Donovan

Name: Brian Donovan Undergraduate Major: Sociology Why did you become a professor? I became a professor because it gives me an opportunity for life-long learning about important topics like gender inequality and violence. It allows me to share my passion for those issues with students of all backgrounds. Why should someone study your subject? Sociology gives […]

Don Haider-Markel

Faculty Q&A: Don Haider Markel

Name: Don Haider Markel Undergraduate Major: Political Science Why did you become a professor? I never imagined myself as a teacher or mentor, because I started with the notion that I love conducting research and writing. I don’t write well enough to make a living from that, so with the help of some great mentors, […]

Omri Gillath

Faculty Q&A: Omri Gillath

Name: Omri Gillath Undergraduate Major: Psychology Why did you become a professor? Because I was always interested in human behavior and wanted to do research. Why should someone study your subject? Because nothing is more fascinating than close relationships (think sexuality, friendships, social networks) Before graduating, every student should: Try to do some research, take a variety […]

DSC_0004 edited

Alumni Q&A with Frank Cai, professor

  Frank Cai has been around the world, but his love for KU and the Midwestern culture makes him want to keep coming back. This time, Cai brought 15 scholars from Beijing Foreign Studies University, where he teaches English and Western civilization. These students were at KU from July 14-25 for a program to gain […]


Hawks to Watch: Young alumni making their mark

Hawks to Watch are disrupters. They’re poised for greatness, inspiring their colleagues and excelling in their professions. Basically, they’re killing it. Having recently graduated, they are just starting to leave their mark and we can’t wait to see how their story unfolds. These Jayhawks span all industries including business, non-profits, tech, healthcare, media, law and […]